Every month, the Pamper Your Mind column in Florida Today answers commonly asked questions about mental health and the struggles that every day people encounter. Licensed Mental Health Counselor Kristin Woodling gives an expert point of view on these issues and provides advice on what steps are necessary for recovery.   This month, Kristin talks about
By Emily Tonn, RMHCI   National Autism Awareness Month is a great time to remind parents of children with special needs the importance of self-care. While every family is different and has it’s own unique challenges, there are some things that parents of children with special needs have in common. A few of these commonalities
You spend your day running around, putting out fires at work (literal or metaphorical), at lunch you eat whatever you threw together during the 10 minutes you allowed yourself away from your computer or phone, you race to pick up your kids before daycare closes, you throw together another meal, and you finally collapse after