Who Am I Now?

One of the conversations I have most often with people who are facing a life-changing diagnosis, those who are battling illness, and those who have overcome these illness is the “Who Am I Now?” conversation. As humans, we tend to be involved in a constant dialogue with ourselves, trying to figure out how we fit
Every month, the Pamper Your Mind column in Florida Today answers commonly asked questions about mental health and the struggles that every day people encounter. Licensed Mental Health Counselor Kristin Woodling gives an expert point of view on these issues and provides advice on what steps are necessary for recovery.   This month, Kristin talks about quieting
By Emily Tonn, RMHCI   I invite you to take a moment to say these words aloud: Mental Health. Mental Illness. What did you think of when you saw or said these words? What did you feel? Did you see a picture in your mind, of a situation or perhaps a person? If you spoke