The days are getting slightly shorter. It’s barely noticeable, but the mornings and evenings are a bit less reminiscent of stepping in to a sauna. There are even Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations for sale at the neighborhood stores. All these signs indicate that we are in the last few days of summer before we, in
When your partner has the flu, you can see and hear their symptoms. You instinctively jump to help. You might make them soup, run to the store for medicine, or take care of the kids while they catch up on some much needed rest. But what do you do when your partner is experiencing or
You can find endless research showing the increasing prevalence of depression among children, adolescents and teens. There are various types of depression and reasons for onset. It is crucial for adults to learn how to recognize the signs of depression in children. Symptoms vary from child to child and between genders. Some children may “act
“I’m not depressed… I’m just fine! Look, I’m working/attending school/managing my household just fine! So what if I don’t enjoy [insert hobby here] like I used to….? Stop worrying over nothing.” How many of us have shrugged off the concern of our families and friends, citing our high functioning as proof that we are “just